Saturday, 12 January 2013

Thoughts on today's QPR game + late goals

Other than a superb first 10 minutes, today was extremely disappointing. Bale had his worst game of the season (he seemed disinterested), Adebayor played probably his worst match ever for us, Dembele was too easily muscled out, and the movement was generally too slow and predictable especially after Parker came on.  Of the forward players only Defoe looked sharp and was  unlucky not to score twice. I was suprised BAE did not play. I would rest Walker next week, switch Naughton to right back and start with BAE.

Everybody known that Spurs have lost many points in the last 10 minutes of matches this season and that we would be 7 points clear at the top of the league if matches ended on 80 minutes.

Most people assume this is due purely to a tendancy to concede late goals.  But lots of teams concede late goals. What marks Spurs as unique this season is that, unlike every other premiership team, we have failed to score even one decisive late goal.In fact, incredibly in not one of our 33 competitive fixtures this season have we scored a goal later than 65 minutes that has changed the match result in our favour. Given that most matches have 5 minutes injury time this means that for the last 30 minutes of every single match this season Spurs have failed to score a goal of any meaning whatsoever.

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