Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fitness, tactics or psychology?

A very obvious symptom of our less than stellar performances this season is the observation that in almost every game we have conceded the last goal. Incredibly this has happened in all five away games against premiership teams (including league cup at Norwich) even though 3 of those were victories. At home it has happened in 4 or the 6 matches (the only exceptions being QPR and Villa). That is 9 out of 11.

Basically, even when we are winning we are 'losing' the last third of almost every match. We are conceding lots of late goals while never actually scoring any. In fact here is a truly remarkable statistic: In only one game (the first at Newcastle) have we scored in the last 25 minutes and in that game we conceded a later goal anyway to lose all 3 points. That's the symptom. But what is the cause: Fitness, tactics or psychology?

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